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Pink Zebra, diva style! touch all of our senses, evoking memories and stimulating our moods. The aroma of cookies baking in the oven brings to mind happy times spent in the kitchen surrounded by family and friends. A folded basket of warm, fresh laundry implies clean and pure. Fragrance is what Pink Zebra is all about and what we enjoy bringing to you. Pink Zebra Sprinkles are a unique scented wax melt that is available in over 50 different scents – combining different scents together allows you to make your own custom blend.
Make some new memories today!

Home Fragrance Products

Fragrance has a powerful ability to evoke all our senses; we use it to set the mood, create a memory, decorate a room, celebrate with, denote a clean environment, and reflect our own personality. We use words like aroma, scented, highly fragrant, floral, fresh, fruity, ozonic, perfumed, woody, natural, flavors, edible, spa, watery, and so on to describe them. Our fragrances are inspired from all sorts of places, such as baking, nature, health/well-being, travel, traditions, memories from our childhood, celebrities, etc.

We want to deliver these fragrances with style. Candles are the most traditional style, with many varieties as well. The flame of a candle is alluring, and the gentle light is romantic. The color of the wax offers a touch of home décor, or simply a cheerful spot in the room. Innovation in style is a key component to Pink Zebra’s design elements. We like to find new and easy ways for you to deliver your favorite fragrance.  A new trend has been flameless home fragrancing. It offers safety and continuous room fragrancing. Check out our Sprinkles, reed diffusers and kitchen products that fit this trend.

No matter how you like to fragrance your home, Pink Zebra wants to be part of it and is very excited to hear about what you think.